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    I've been using the headset jack of my treo almost daily since I got it almost 2 yrs ago. Over the past 3 or 4 months the connection has deteriorated and the other day it went out completely. I used to be able to jiggle it and sound would eventually come through but no longer.

    I'd like to pop open the phone and see if I can tell what is wrong, and/or possibly even apply nonobeez's 3.5" antenna adapter, but the disassembly instructions link on his website is dead. Is there another site that shows how to disassemble the 650?

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    when your mouse hovers over the link in your post, you can see that there is a redundant (and incorrect I might add) "http//". Just click you own link and then edit the resulting url that fails, and you'll see that it works.
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    Doh! Thanks. The link on treotricks is indeed a typo. I didn't notice. Here is corrected link - Thanks again.

    Nonobeez - here is the page with the incorrect link to your disassembly instructions. Great site!

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