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    Hi all

    After enduring the crashes that came with Hackmaster, I've switched to TealMaster. However, after removing Hackmaster, I no longer have any icons for the multiple hacks installed. Just empty blocks with names underneath.

    Is there a way I can get icons back? Or at least get the Hacks to use the TealMaster icon? This is not vital, but it does look junky on the screen.

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    Maybe I'm missing something here, but none of my hacks have visible icons. They don't exist on the App Launcher; only within HackMaster, TealMaster, or X-Master (whatever your hack manager preference is).
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    Oh yeah - sorry about that...

    I forgot to mention that I'm using Launcher III v. 1.52.

    That program has an option to "show hacks" (and Doc files if you choose), that's why I had icons. (Been so long since I've used the regular launcher that I don't realize what it's like)

    I just unchecked the "Show Hacks" option and problem is solved. (well, not quite the way I wanted, but it still looks better).

    Thanks anyway.
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    I think what Launcher III did was look for Hackmaster's icon and put it on the hacks. Since you removed Hackmaster, it doesn't find anything and so it places a blank icon.
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