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    haven't had much luck finding a case for the 680 that appeals to me after a good bit of search. the Speck kind of looks like it could be right but it's got some pretty poor ratings here -- looks like 7 or 8 out of 17 rated it two stars or below

    but THERE AREN'T ANY COMMENTS. from the pictures it looks a little bit baggy. I've searched the discussions here but haven't come across relevant comments.

    I went through about 4 cases on the 650. the first Krussell was a formfit vinyl that was actually fine until the black rubber/vinyl started rubbing off onto the bezel. then I got a Treokitz, a kind of fake Vaja, which was in many ways the best, until the Treo started occasionally shaking loose.

    still it was better in that regard than this latest Krusell, a form-fit case with an opening on top, which has gotten so loose that I've had to put first-aid tape on the inside -- which holds it firm for about a week. this Krusell has ejected the 650 at least a dozen times, usually onto the sidewalk, it's extremely annoying, and I'm looking forward to torturing it once I start using the 680.

    I've never liked skins, but if I found a good one with a belt clip (NOT a holster) I might go for it. the Smartphone Experts w/clip seemed like an option, but after the first buzz folks have cooled to it; plus I'm not sure about using the 5-way and controls through a skin....
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    I ended up with the pricey Sena Leather Skin ($40 from TC) which fits snugly & has a snap over the top, and in blue it actually looks pretty nice w/this arctic 680. hopefully won't have to mess with another case for a long while.
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    I'm thinking of getting one of these cases, they have them on sale for $10 at

    Are they any good? I actually prefer not to use a case most of the time and this would really be for occasional use, so I don't want to spend too much. I don't want leather either.

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