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    I just recently did exactly what you are fixing to do. I obtained a 700wx and returned my 700p. Well, I had my 700wx for 2 days and sent it back. The signal strength was so poor it would barely work inside my home or office.

    I compared it to my Blackberry 8703e, which works perfectly with a minimum of two bars of signal strength at both of the above-mentioned locations. My 700p always had plenty of signal strength also. They are sending me back another (My 4th) 700p. I’m just going to leave it in its box, until the new ROM update is released, when ever that might be, and then go back to it from the current Blackberry I’m using. Currently, the Blackberry device works awesome. It’s just lacking in some multimedia features, no camera, and I’m really missing the threading text messaging.

    Just a quick heads up, I personally don’t think the 700wx is all it’s be made out to be. I guess, it might be that I was so use to the Palm software, that I find the Windows Software a little bit user-unfriendly.

    Good luck with whatever decision you make, and I’m hoping for the newly released 700p ROM update any month now.

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    Eric, it appears that you are not listening (or maybe you are, but you haven't responded to some very good posts). There may not be anything wrong with your phone. Have you tried any of the suggestions for figuring out if there's really something wrong with your phone? Does it reset with no third party software installed? You said you've "tried this numerous times" without improvement, but it's not clear that you actually went through the right steps. If you get another 700P and it's a software problem it will continue without a clear install.....and believe me, you are not getting an upgrade by switching to the WX.
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