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    Is there any way to access the anniversary and ring tone fields while using Windows Palm Desktop (ver. 4.2).
    When I do a hard reset and restore via a Hot Sync, I get two (very annoying) bugs:
    • 30-40 contacts show up on Feb. 26 with an anniversary
    • A large number of contacts get a customized ring tone

    The fix would be a lot easier on Palm Desktop, but I can't get to these fields.

    This doesn't occur when I restore via NVBackup, so it isn't a huge problem, but a problem, nonetheless.
    I just did a hotsync with Handheld overwriting Desktop for the Contacts, so (hopefully) the next time I need to restore via hotsync this problem wont arise.
    I am expecting a refurbished unit in the mail in the next day or two, so I hope that the problem is with the handset, but wonder if there is an easy fix via the desktop applications.
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    Hello harolod.

    Palm Desktop 4.2 does not have an anniversary field. This is very likely one of the deliverables that ACCESS was unable to get out the door to Palm and lead to their breach of contract with Palm.

    I know that Microsoft Outlook has an anniversary field and will likely sync correctly with the Palm. (I haven't tested this personally.)

    I don't assign custom ring tones so I can't comment on that.

    Alan G
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    The problem (on the ring tone issue) is that when the unit gets messed up, contacts, without phone numbers, end up with ring tones assigned. I will try Outlook, but was wondering, can Treo sync with Thunderbird?
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