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    This is a new one. I have used Versamail and our Exchange server with no problem for six months. I have it set to retrieve every 5 mnutes during the day. All of a sudden on Friday it stopped retrieving emails that had not already been opened on the web Outlook page. If the email even gets viewed in the viewing pane on the web, but not opened, it will be synced to the device, but not if it hasn't been opened otherwise. This I don't get. My Gmail account, also run out of Versamail, is working fine and downloading all unread mail. This suggests to me that the IT dudes might have done something to the Exchange server over the weekend. I can find out on Monday, but anyone ever seen anything like this before?

    Addendum: just to see if it would help, I uninstalled and reinstalled the EAS account and it made no difference....still only syncs emails I have already opened through webmail.....but Gmail works fine.
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    This turned out to be clearly a server problem. A little hint: if you remove an Exchange account, then recreate it, you will erase all your contacts and calendar. Then when I synced over the air, for some reason I ended up with duplicate copies of contacts and calendar. If this happens, there is a great page on Palm support (you'll have to search....I don't have access to the link right now) that tells you how to arrange your contacts or calendar list by date so that all the recently duplicated items occur right at the top and you can delete them in a few seconds. This saved me hours of doing it by each item.

    The Exchange server had crashed over the weekend; it was reset but wouldn't allow retrieval of new messages until rebooted. That solved the original problem. What did I learn? If this happens again, don't do anything to the device, call the IT guys. Would have saved myself a lot of time.

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