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    I know, bluetooth is awesome. I use it all the time.

    But the 650s bluetooth is terrible and I am in a noisy environment where volume & sound quality are critical. Anyone using a wired headset that blocks out background noise, maybe has a silicon gel insert that blocks the ear canal completely? I thought maybe something new had come out recently that wasn't wireless.

    Looking for the best quality more than best price.
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    This was posted just a few days ago right here at TreoCentral.
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    Been using Sony for years. I tried Jabra like 4 years ago - awful - no one could hear me. Two Sony models I use - no ear gel crap, flexible pipe mics so you can keep it close to your mouth and people can hear you.

    To travel - no mute or volume I glued the ear hook so it does not unclip - they design it so you can swap the ear hook for either side but it comes off too easy so pick one

    At home - light, comfortable, inline mute, mic volume and ear volume

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