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    I just downloaded and installed the new Sleek Blue (Enhanced) skin for pTunes 4, and it's visually a great improvement, with 3 screens, one that focuses on album art, one that lets you skip around a song's timeline, and one that shows your current playlist.

    However, the 5-way nav support, seems to no longer have the same functionality.

    Previously, when a song was playing, the 5-way seemed to function much like an iPod, with left and right skipping (or shuffling) songs back and forth, and up and down raising or lowering volume. But when a song wasn't playing, it would go back to working like a Treo, letting you switch UI elements to toggle things like shuffle, repeat, or browse songs in your playlist.

    With the new skin, however, it *only* seems to work for skipping or volume. No more UI navigation.

    I keep my Treo in an armor case, so having to flip it open to pick songs or toggle modes is a major usability hit.

    Is this just a problem I'm having? Is anyone still getting proper 5-way UI navigation?
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    I'm running 3.09 on a 680 downloaded the free skins and loaded the metal version my 5 way still works the same, try a different skin?
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    Hint: PTunes 4.x vs 3.x

    They made PTunes 4.x where the 5-way moves around the GUI sometimes.. Although I think that while it's actually playing it behaves the way it should where the 5-way controls the volume and skips tracks.
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    The 5-way works to navigate in the default pTune 4 skin, Sleek Blue, just not (for me at least) in the new skin they just released, Sleek Blue (Enhanced).

    I really like the new skin, with it's 3 screens, I'm just not able to navigate them with the 5-way, and trying to find out if anyone else has the same problem.

    Here's the skin:
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    Cool skin but the same problem on my 680.
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    Aah, I didn't know this was a new skin. I might try it, but I tend to use the Winamp one.
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    looks like they've added some functionality to the "powerful jump bar" instead. So, maybe even with your case you can still use your thumb on the screen instead of the 5-way nav in certain screens?
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    I can -- by opening the hardcase -- which is what the 5-way is supposed to enable me not to have to do

    I'm hoping someone at 3GX or NormSoft can update the skin, because the design and concept are outstanding. Proper 5-way nav support when music isn't playing would make it nigh perfect.

    (i.e., when music isn't playing, I should be able to use the 5 way to navigate around the screen, toggle repeat and shuffle, move up and down the jump bar, scroll through and select songs from the play list, etc.)
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    Thanks Littledragon. I just sent it in to NormSoft via their support contact. If they can update Sleek Blue (Enhanced) with 5-way UI navigation, it will be awesome.
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    NormSoft got back to me and said it was a deliberate design decision but that they may (hopefully soon?!) be releasing a version which restores 5-way nav support.

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