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    My 700p is both perfect and unique in many ways:
    -Overall good smartphone functionality, decent (if old) UI
    -Lots of 3rd party software, a few of which are essential to me
    -EVDO phone as modem use
    -Chatter with my personal and work IMAP accounts (IDLE-enabled) works amazingly well
    -Not Microsoft

    However, today, while sitting in my cradle at work minding its own business, it just spontaneously goes into an Access Powered endless reset loop. The radio was on, but Chatter wasn't active. It took a warm reset to break the loop (a regular reset after that would restart the loop). I then resynch'd it and backed it up to SD (Resco). Hard reset followed by restoration of the immediate Resco backup led to the reset loop again. I had to restore an earlier backup, resync with the setting of "Desktop overwrites handheld," repair all my bluetooth connections, and everything is back to normal.

    Obviously, this is a software error, but to occur spontaneously? And yes, everything was restored, but to spend almost an hour restoring the Treo after having done nothing (I wasn't installing some weird app. or a customized ROM) is inexcusable. This on top of the daily resets is driving me mad!

    Windows Treo: issue is UI (clunky, not user friendly)... and that it's MS.
    Blackberry: limited (or no?) 3rd party software
    iPhone: this is my ultimate hope if they ever allow for some 3rd party software (it's quality, not quantity), 3G speeds (I'll switch carriers) with phone as modem use

    Not looking for any answers. Just venting. Sometimes I love the 700p, but it's starting to drive me mad!
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    Things just happen after sometimes with no visible reason. When you do a restore, especially the last restore and you have not updated anything after that restore was done, then you are reinstalling the same problem files.

    Often times something gets corrupted, maybe the SMS database, maybe you are in a poor reception area, a number of things can cause the initial problem. If it goes in to a reset loop, then look at something software wise.

    There really are no reasons for daily resets. Using the latest releases, making sure they support the the NVFS file structure, locking reluctant applications with Resco Locker (, running an application such as Reset Doctor (, proper memory management, use of a third party launcher to maximize RAM those all lead toward a stable device.

    The nice thing about UM is that it has a "sandbox" feature that lets you play with the application and check out its operation before making it a member of the family.

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    Understood about the restore issues.

    I really don't run anything too esoteric, and everything is up to date (Chatter, AdBk, AvantGo, ePocrates). The daily resets didn't start happening until I installed Garmin Mobile XT (running latest version). Yes, it's a resource hog, but again, not some obscure hack. I could remove Mobile XT, but I have a Treo (vs. a Blackberry) precisely so I can run programs like that. It seems much more stable on Windows Mobile as well.

    Again, not looking for answers. Just expressing frustration at running an old, patched over OS. And I cannot see how this is going to get any better.
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    Have you tried moving most of your applications to the card? AvantGo is a resource and space hog that I gave up on effectively using almost two years ago. At what point does it reset and does it reset while the DB cache is being cleared?


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