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    Since I bought a phone case, I no longer have access to the button inside the battery compartment. Is there a phone keypad code to perform the same soft reset as using the stylus on the inside button?
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    Maybe mReset will work on a 700p. It does on a 650. I have it as a favorite, assigned to the 'r' key (you know, 'r' for 'r'eset!).
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    If you're using Uninstall Manager, you can soft reset from there...
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    no good. wouldn't dial using the letter keys. did nothing using the keypad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    If you're using Uninstall Manager, you can soft reset from there...
    using the plain ole palm os
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    OK. Just use the Palm OS launcher to launch mReset (again, don't know if it works on 700p). There are other free apps that can do this; just have to search!
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    I used to use something called soft reset, on my 650. I just got a 700p, so I don't have anything on it for this, yet.

    What I found out, though, was that if it's that goofed up that I need a soft reset, the keypad isn't working either, which made it being mapped as a favorite button useless. There was a program that I came across that could tell when you might need a soft reset and would automatically do it for you. I forget what it's called or where I found it though.

    The case you bought doesn't have a hole? I thought almost all cases do. I'd then just get a batter cover from Seidio with the hole cut out and use that. The one I bought wasn't a 100% perfect fit, nor did the color match 100%, but, it's behind a case, so it wouldn't really matter anyway.
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    it's from seidko, but it didn't come with the back cover. so hole isn't accessable.
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    I don't get it. Which one did you buy?
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    You can also drill a hole in the back of the case. As a note, I also use mReset and it does work very well. It closes files prior to executing the reset, which may or may not be good. If you want the reset to happen and NOT update any of the files, poking the hole is the way.

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    Probably CrashPro is what you were thinking of. It does the reset for you when the device locks up. Between it and mReset, I've had to pop open the batt cover only a few times in over 2 yrs (on a 650). It's probably been over 1.5 yrs since I've had to pop the cover. You can even do warm resets with mReset. Previous poster was right about mReset being useless when the device is frozen; that's when Crash comes in.
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    where do I find mreset? I searched treo central for it. no results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matty032 View Post
    where do I find mreset? I searched treo central for it. no results.
    Here you go.
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    thanks everyone. I found a freeware program called ezreset.

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