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    Please forgive me for this being long and boring, but i need to tell my problem and hopefully there is a quick fix. I stopped using my Sprint 700p about 8 months ago. I had it for a while and had many applications on it. For one reason or another, I sold it and went through many phones in that time. I still always had the software on my computer with all my contacts and other things.

    After buying the 700p again and realizing this is the phone for me, I bought another one, and received it today. Thinking I could just take the phone and just hot sync it like I never stopped using the 700p and end up having all my apps and preferences like before.

    When I try to sync it , its not even recognized by the computer like it always was before. I dont see the difference if I do a hard reset with my 700p I had in the past and sync it to make it how I want and now having a brand new one and trying to sync it and having it the same way. Either I am missing something or what I am doing is not possible. If I have too, I will call tech support, but thats the last thing I want to do. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I am assuming you have the HotSync app running so you might try reinstalling the PC software that came with the 700p (HotSync app, etc.). That's my first guess.
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    Im sorry for making a big stink for nothing. I did some research and figured it out. Thanks for your help.

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