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    Need help!
    I installed the Tom Tom Navigator 6 in my brand new Treo650.
    It works nice with a bluetooth GPS antenna, but after some minutes of use, my Treo always gets freezed. The only way to make the phone work again is to make a soft reset, or take out the SD Card and insert it again.
    I have plenty of ram in the phone, and also free space in the SD Card. My firmware v.01.71
    Anyone has had also this problem?
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    Are you using a 2gb SD card by any chance? TTN6 always goes into "super slow motion" when I run it on a 2gb card. I've settled on a 256mb card for now and TTN6 runs just fine. I can't seem to figure out the problem with the 2gb card however...
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    Usually ram is not the issue with Tomtom but rather DBcache. If you have any background programs running then that could cause a problem. On my 650, Nav6 usually will force a soft reset itself to free DBcache if it runs short. The fact that your's freezes implies that you may have a program conflicting and preventing the reset. Try flushing DBcache before starting Nav6 and disable any programs that may be using DBcache in the background. There are many old posts about DBcache and Tomtom.
    As far as the SD card size, I use Nav6 on a 4GB card without any problems.
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    Finally works!
    First I downloaded the great software MemInfo to flush the DBcache, but still got some problems. Since I was using a 2Gb SDcard, I changed to a SD of 1Gb (Markeagle you were right) and it works PERFECT.
    Thanks Jrfaris and Markeagle, and regards from Spain.
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    Strange. TT6 works great with both my 2GB card and my 512Mb card. My 2GB card is formatted in FAT32, don't know if that makes a difference.
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    I use my TT5 with an 8GB without problems. I get an error message (not a soft reset) when I try to start the program when DBcache is full. Happens now and then.
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    I use Keyguard Time+. If I see that the NVFS is lower then 3MB, I do a soft reset then run TomTom. It works all the time if the NVFS is more then 3MB. If there is less then 3MB, it freezes white opening TomTom.

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