Sounds really useless but actually it will help me (and other Goodlink users) get around Goodlink's hijacking of their Contacts Button. Installation of Goodlink means that 1) your shortcut key and 2) your contacts button and 3) your contacts icon all go to Goodlink contacts. There are ways around this but none work for me right now. There used to be a free program that was simply another Contacts icon, and it would launch your Palm Contacts (despite Goodlink). I will note that the any installation of a 3rd party address book program is another way around the problem, but I haven't found any third party address programs I like -- and all I really need is the simple functionality of the Palm Contacts.

Does anyone know of a program that simply launches Palm Contacts? Like I said, years ago I had a free one that did just this but I deleted it and can't find it now. I realize this program already exists on the Palm -- but again Goodlink hijacks the default program and that is what I am trying to get around.