Here's my problem (apologies for semi-repost from Goodlink forum but there's little traffic there).

I know all of the standard Goodlink-Palm contacts issues. I understand that you can delete the Contacts files and then synch your Palm contacts (and still access Good contacts through the Home menu).

BUT... I can't do this until I first synch all my Palm contacts from my handheld to my desktop, because currently my desktop is blank (new computer). So I need to do a one-time backup of all my Palm contacts onto Palm Desktop, then delete "Contacts" then just synch with Palm Desktop going forward.

However, I can't do that one-time backup since Goodlink is installed (even though my Palm Contacts are still hidden and barely accessible on my handheld). How can I download all my Palm contacts to Palm Desktop, despite having Goodlink on my phone? Do I just need to delete Goodlink and then synch. I'm not even sure I can do that, because that will delete all my Contacts, too.