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    i have read some good things about chattermail and would like to give it a try. i currently have aol 321 and the only thing i dont like about it is that it doesnt let you view spam folder. does anyone know if chattermail lets you view spam folder? thanks for anyones help.
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    ChatterEmail and IMAP let you view any folder defined on the email server and that the user devices on the device ChatterEmail is installed on. The person using the application has the choice to create any/all of the folders on the device that reside on the email server.

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    Chattermail is one of the preferred apps. I would not that the developer is reportedly stopping working on it to work for Palm full time.
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    i have tried a trial of chattermail and could not view spam folders. i dont know if i missed a setting, but it doesnt look like you can. i then emailed tech support and ask the same question, and the only response he gave me was "never tried it" so i guess its a no.

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