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  • Yes, refurbs are problem free and like new!

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  • No, refurbs are someone else's headache with a hard reset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haroldo View Post
    I wonder how many people hot sync their problems back on to their newly reset Treos?
    I rarely hotsync, instead i rely on the few "backup" backups i have on my 4gb and 2gb cards. My treo is loadrd with a couple hundred apps and it's as stable as a rock--I do a "maintenance" hard-reset every 3-4 weeks(and usually gain 200-400kbs in the process) then restore from one of my choice backups. It might also serve to note that after rescobackup I have a scheduled soft reset performed, then macroplay scheduled(I do late night backups) right after to run meminfo/flush DB cache(to get the largest free chunk after a reset/apps reloaded in memory). This method works for me, which is probably why I go almost 2 months without a reset on average.
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    I finally got a replacement treo 700p after my trusty one got wet. I had TEP on the phone and received a brand new on in box. So far the phone seems faster and has better build quaintly also the screen hue is different than the last (seems to be less bright but has richer color and contrast). One thing I noticed it says its running Palm OS Garnet V 5.4.9 my old phone did not say Garent and I can not recall the version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by haroldo View Post
    Ach! I knew it was too good to be true, it crashed three hours after the post above. I think my Treo is vindictive!

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    I guess the next step is a hard reset and a NVBackup Restore to the time before the crash? Or do nothing?
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    If i turn bluetooth off my treo runs perfectly, If I have it on Ill get a reboot every few days, and if I hit ##err# it says application unknown but we all know now it is the bluetooth at least on my sprint treo.
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