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    I just bought a 1GB SD card and want to transfer music I purchased from my computer's iTunes. Unfortunately the files are in .m4p format and won't play and wont convert either. I even upgraded to Pocket Tunes deluxe. How can I get my purchased music to play on my phone? Thx
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    I'm pretty sure there is no app on the Treo to play these files. The fault lies in the fact that music purchased via iTunes is DRM'd, so most apps regardless of the platform will not play the files. Pretty much the "gotcha" when you get deeply rooted with an iPod.

    Your best bet, unless others on the board have suggestions, would be to find a program that can un-DRM your music. I've been out of Apple's trance for a while now, so I don't know of any, but I have heard they exist.......
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    PT Deluxe will play iTunes songs but not if they're protected, and iTunes will not convert protected file to mp3. Just burn them to a CD, which removes the protection, and re-enter the songs into iTunes; you can then convert them to mp3 or just copy them to the Treo, and PT Deluxe will play them.
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    and for goodness sake if you have a IPOD use

    xplay wouldnt ever use a ipod with itunes
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    ITunes - Burn to CD and then re-import as MP3 files.
    There's also conversion software around as long as you own the songs.
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    Thanks guys. The answer is so common sense but as my boss always says "common sense isn't always so common."

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