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    48 hours with my new GSM T680 and I am wondering... Why so slow?

    Even after a clean hard reset, there is a noticeable sound lag! Keygaurd takes valuable ms longer. Phone app itself is slow too.

    This device needs 450 Mhz to keep up to the Treo 650s performance, yet its battery would only be "acceptable" for powering 200 Mhz.

    Honestly... I am wondering what I am going to do with this 8Gb Sd card.. new aesthetics.. and better keyboard when the hardware inside is worse than something released 2 years ago.

    As childish as it may sound, I might go back to a SideKick3 or T650! I am dissapointed at the moment but I will try.. try my best to accept this thing.
    You can solve 99% of the Treo's problems with a hard reset.
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    Maybe its Palm's master plan to move you over to a 750
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    I noticed my 680 was slower for about the first hour....

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