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    So, thanks for all the info in the other thread...what a great forum. Thank you for the help so far!!!!

    Sorry for being such a newb and having all these newb question.

    So, I've got it pretty well figured out (the basics that is), but would love to pimp it out with some cool app's and was wondering a few things.

    To play movies, Youtube and other videos, what app would you recommend as the best and also easiest to use, download, install etc? I'll pay if it's one that's definately worth it.

    Most importantly, I love to go to sites like and stream tv shows and movies, many of which are on sites like dailymotion and youtube, so what would you recommend I uses?

    I also like to stream music from some sites and would love to get an application that allows me to stream videos as well as music etc.

    Also, can you tell me where I go to get them and what I need to do to get them on my Treo?

    Also, what are some other downloads I should put on it? I've seen people say Google Maps, so I'll do it...just not sure where to get these and how to put them on.

    What are some sites I should know of to check out some of these downloads.

    Do I download them to my PC then HotSync?

    I need to get an expandable memory card, and was wondering, I saw some people say that some of the higher capacity may "require some work." What does that mean..don't I just stick it in?

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    ...what are some other downloads I should put on...
    Suggested applications is a frequently asked question and you will get a few snip replies where people will tell you to search the forums for older threads on the topic. In addition you will get a blizzard of application names, that will mean absolutely nothing to you. This is why I like this thread, since it tells the reason why some applications are worth looking at.
    But...there might be a direct correlation between the applications and (future) problems with your Treo (the forums are, similarly, loaded with posts about conflicts, freezes, crashes, etc.). So, proceed at your own risk!
    I just reset my Treo and now use NO applications! (except Noah Pro .... dictionary)
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    Haroldo...thank you for your honesty and candor. I will indeed look into it.

    I'd love to get one application, even if I have to pay or it, as a media/video player app for streaming tv and movies, music and radio, youtube and othre similiar media from the internet and various sites. What is a good one for that?
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    Not sure, but some talk about SlingBox is worth investigating.

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