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    that doesn't have the camera? Battery life any better without the camera?
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    I was offered a 680 w/o a camera by the CSR at Cingular Business Services when I placed my initial order, and I almost got it since I will probably never use my camera anyway. But...she told me both the phones were the same, hey I took the camera!

    I would be interested also in knowing if those without the camera get better battery life.
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    Nope. Don't there's anyone out there with a 680.
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    Whoops. No, don't THINK there's anyone out there with a 680.
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    i used to have a nice Copper treo680, but then my GF saw it :-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by ion++ View Post
    i used to have a nice Copper treo680, but then my GF saw it :-(
    Time for a new GF??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivhs72 View Post
    Time for a new GF??

    I love my existing GF and besides i think it is waaaay cheaper just to buy another Copper 680 than getting a new GF to "sign on". There's dating, dining, flowers, gifts, ... it runs up pretty fast.

    And then i do have a 750v myself, which i bought just to try it. I found a used one for just $300, from som company that did not want it because it did not have wifi and could not integrate with their VoIP system.

    At first i wasnt sure i was going to keep the 750v, but it looks like i do not have to make the choice, which is good because i really do not know which one i would choose. Both are good devices, Copper looks better and has a GUI i know and find easier. 750v has multitasking and stereo bluetooth.

    AAARRRGGHH!!! if only Palm would make better devices, then i wouldnt have to make the choice!

    If i take the price of a new device into consideration, then it's more easy:
    680 costs 429 $399
    750 costs 649 probably $600

    So for 220 or $200 more you basically get: multi tasking, 3G and maybe stereo bluetooth (there's that hack application for PalmOS (but it costs too)).
    The con for that deal is that you get a uglier device with just one colour choice, a not so good screen and a not so user friendly GUI.

    But i had to try it, and i basically got a 750 and a 680 for just a little more than the price of a 750. So i was lucky, and the 750 is probably more useable in my field as a Systemadministrator, because it has 3G and multitasking. With the 680 i was either forced to change to a phone company that is minimum 2x. the price of my current, or stick with GRPS, since there is only one phone company in Denmark that has a EDGE network, but alot has a 3G network, ammoung those, my current phone company. I do miss the pretty Copper colour, and the easy of the PalmOS.
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    I would like to get an unlocked 750 myself, sounds like you got a steal of a deal. I prefer the Windows OS to the Palm OS (okay, okay, no need to start any discussions here, it's just a matter of preference), and have tried a couple of smart phones, but they don't have the touch screen. I need to stay with Tmobile so that limits me from going to Verizon or Sprint, and Cingular wants WAY TOO MUCH for their data plans.

    Anyone wanting to swap an unlocked 750 for an unlocked Copper Treo 680........

    (Never hurts to ask )

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    So nobody with a cameraless 680?

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