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    Hello all.

    On a call yesterday, got another call. Simple, right? You guessed it, call cut off, looked down and saw the loop o' death for the first time.

    As I thought it wise to get another machine while under warranty I didn't even try to recover, went to VZW store where told I had to have one sent overnight. On a display phone I called in when after 1/2 an hour a store asst. mgr. took pity and said "we're piloting a new program for replacement of smartphones in the store beginning at the end of this week".

    No 700p to give me so I spent 1 hour on the display phone getting a replacement. They said I'd have to pay for Fedex overnight but I went nuts and they sent it w/ no charge.

    When I backed up from my Mac I now see some old programs from previous Plams that shouldn't be there--when I try to delete from device some can't be seen in the delete screen but only when in "home". I must've backed up some old stuff that shouldn'tve been there--

    1. Do I need to hard reset and start over?

    2. Perhaps Filez or something similar would allow me to see and manage the apps I can't delete?

    3. I really need SIMPLEST backup program so as to be able to recover from this on the road--can't always just get a new one...

    Many thanks and backup & restore well, all.

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    NVBackup is wonderful as a free backup! It dependably works every time.
    Filez will help look for files, but to properly delete apps, I use NorthGlide Uninistall (and if you were to add Cleanup, you’d even be better off.
    I’ve been in your ‘loop o’ death’ three times already. I had proper backups using NVBackup, so that helped. The last time, I also reinstalled each program from original installers, so I’ve had a clean (and acceptably stable ...) 700P now for coming on four weeks.
    Great machine — but we sure do need the promised upgrade !@#$%$#@! ...
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    It appears you had a prior Palm device before the 700P.

    How did you migrate? A direct sync to your userid? This may be why you had the loop of death and why the old programs were in your backup folder. Even, if you did not do this -- I would recommend the clean install to ensure you have a clean machine going forward -- given the issues you have described above.

    The following link is for the clean install instructions to a PC, you may have to adjust them for a Mac. A clean install only transfers PIM data to the new device and then you reinstall all 3rd party programs fresh. The renaming of the backup folder prevents the old stuff from being restored and possibly causing future aggravation.

    I use BackupBuddy VFS to back up my Treo to the SD card. I have only had to use it once on the road -- but periodic test hard resets and restores have always gone flawlessly.
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    Can, Perry:

    Many thanks.

    Can: NVBackup backs up to SD, no?

    Perry: On Mac I think I just do Hard reset and then set the Restore conduit to do nothing and restore apps manually. Mac folks--seem right?

    Anybody: Why would I see some apps in Home but then when choosing delete from dropdown not be able to see them? Just more Plam weirdness or am I doing something wrong?

    Treo well, all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhbuckley View Post
    Anybody: Why would I see some apps in Home but then when choosing delete from dropdown not be able to see them? Just more Plam weirdness or am I doing something wrong?
    You won't see ROM-based apps in the delete dialog, because....well, you can't delete them.
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    Actually I meant some that are definitely not ROM based like some old games I have that shouldn't have been installed and 2 versions of an invaluable utility, BeiksFind. I see them in Home but not when I choose Delete.

    Can't figure out why but am now trying to follow Perry's advice...

    Btw, when you do a hard reset does it purge your card too? I don't think so but then how does one reformat a card?

    Be well all and wish me luck!

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    I didn't realize NVBackup was beta--have you tested a restore and found it to give you back your Treo as it was before?

    I need to be able to hard reset and get back what I had before when on the road and away from computer using just SD.

    I assume the files should be installed to the SD card?

    Many thanks,

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