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    Hi all,

    I am new to these forums and did a quick search for unlocked but didn't find my answer. Here goes. I have an account with cingular and am eligible for an upgrade. I am really eyeing the treo 680 but I personally use T-mobile prepaid sim. Right now I am using a Tungsten T and a unlocked Nokia 6030 and would live to combine these 2 items. I will not need any of the wireless features of the Treo other than voice calls and text messages. Will I be able to unlock the treo and use my T-mobile prepaid sim with it? Thank you.
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    NM Just found my answer, ordering the treo now.
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    Why are you going with Cingular? Isn't TMO more affordable?

    Just curious, since I just went from Verizon to TMO and am glad I did.
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