This has been working for months but has stopped working recently.

Calendar conduit to sync treo700p with Mac Palm desktop using Missing Sync.
Tried overwriting both directions as well without success.
Tried Datebook as well to no avail.

Sync starting at 2/21/07 11:49 PM (23:49:23) on USB (5.1.2)
Using profile named:
(Calendar) NSInvalidReceivePortException connection went invalid while waiting for a reply
Sync completed successfully at 2/21/07 11:49 PM (23:49:2

Every conduit is listed in Console as having issues
2007-02-22 00:37:34.680 Conduit Manager[489] CFLog (21): Cannot recognize type of executable for CFBundle 0x393620 </Library> (not loaded)

Repeating pattern:
2007-02-22 00:37:39.403 Missing Sync for Palm OS[487] tossing reply message sequence 25325 on thread 0x307bc0

MacBook Pro (Intel)
Missing Sync 5.1.2