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    is there a freeware mp3 player out there or is pockettunes the only choice?
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    Does RealPlayer play mp3 format songs -- or just the songs purchased from Real's Music Store?

    Well, it says it plays mp3s . . . . I had it on my 650 and now 700P . . . even thought the specs only say Treo 600 . . . .(I only have RealPlayer songs -- so I cannot test the mp3 thing for you.)

    (A very basic player. . . . press play, stop, skip one song back or one forward . . . . . and you can create playlists. . . .does play in the background . . .)
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    The older versions of TCPMP play MP3 and are free, but don't support background mode. I can't try Real for you either , I deleted it off my 650 since I have Pocket Tunes Deluxe.
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    If RealPlayer works in 700P, it should play MP3 files. I used to use RealPlayer on 650 and no issue with playing MP3's.
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    TCPMP does a good job!
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    whats wrong with ptunes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ymeagle View Post
    whats wrong with ptunes?
    He asked for freeware...
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    ptunes lite comes with the 700p

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    He asked for freeware...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ymeagle View Post
    whats wrong with ptunes?
    It skips!!!!!!

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