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    Hey everyone!
    I've owned my Treo 650 for almost a year. I bought it "refurbished" and it's the second unit I've owned because the first refurbished unit had to be sent back. It did not work from the beginning although cosmetically it was really Good. The only problem I have with this current treo is that I've ALWAYS had to recalibrate the screen at least two or three times a day. Is this normal? Does it have to do with the screen gaurd I'm using? Is this a refurbished issue? I asked the original seller what refurbished meant and he said everything he sold, had it's LCD screen replaced. Maybe he didn't put this one on correctly prehaps? Does anyone else have this problem with their treo? I'm considering purchasing another one because it's just getting annoying. Everything else works wonderfully.

    Also... does the 700P handle bluetooth better than the 650? The only problem I really have is dropped connection occasionally between the phone and the headset. Not during a call but before I make a call... I can't get the headset to recognize the treo and vice versa. Okay... Thanks for the responses and your time.
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    3 times a month would have me concerned . . . . that refurb isn't right.

    I have the Palm Treo Bluetooth Headset and that has connected (and stayed connected) to both my 650 and 700P.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I've never had to recalibrate my 650 screen, unless I hard reset...
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    Yeah, 2 or 3 times a day is waaaay too often. There have been posts before stating that sometimes if a piece of dirt or something gets stuck underneath the edges of the case around the screen that it sometimes will make the touchscreen not work right. You might want to clean out the edges with a small piece of construction paper and see if that helps.
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    Also try gripping the Treo by the case to the left and right of the screen and squeezing inwards. I found that many hours spent in my pocket can *slightly* push the case towards the edge of the screen, causing all sorts of misalignment with the touchscreen. Squeezing the case pushes the case up a little and (on my Treo at least) solved the problems I had.
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