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    Anyone have this app and have thoughts on how well it works? I downloaded the trial and it seems that there is some issues with the 5-way and I couldn't save any files but only e-mail them (may be a limitation of the trial).

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    It's falling a tad behind the competition. For Treos, Dataviz DocumentsToGo is the gold standard. A very close second is given to Mobisystems OfficeSuite. I started with QuickOffice, but have since bounced between Mobisystems and Dataviz as they leapfrog over each other. Dataviz has a better Word and PDF program. Mobisystem has a better Spreadsheet and Database program. QuickOffice is good for little Symbian phones for it's small footprint and light processor needs, but it's underpowered for what the Treos can do.

    - Jim
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    I tried DTG and up'd to V9 a while after it became available. I had problems with it and tried MobiSystems and Quick Office. I found the following:

    DTG and MobiSystems both opened a specific Excel file that Quick Office was unable to open. That was the big deal there. I purchased MobiSystems and have it and DTG both installed on the device.

    Macr0t0r's statement about capabilities is right. I have found that MobiSystem demands a bit more in resources and at times has a difficult problem keeping up with my fingers; DTG does not have that problem.

    Next, MobiSystem is not able to open Word files created by DTG, but DTG can open Word files created with MobiSystem.

    Next, if MobiSystem's dictionary is installed on the card, you cannot add words to it. DTG allows words to be added.

    As far as over all capabilities and operations, they are just about identical. Both have excellent file capabilities; however, DTG allows better sorting of the folders. MobiSystem sorts folders on the card by date created; DTG alphabetically. That makes a big difference.

    If I were given the choice, DTG V9 would be the one. However, due to the problem I had with DTG's file problem (which was easy to take care of once I found the cause and with a push from DTG support), I need a back up and hence MobiSystem is the backup for me. I do use both on occasion. I will keep both of them up to date.

    As for QuickOffice, it just does not have the power I need.

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    I think QO was premier a few yrs back.

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