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    I was reading an eBook in eReader last night. I set the screen to brown background, cream text, as it is easier on the eyes in a dark room. At random intervals, the screen flickers and a white line appeared on the brown screen briefly. Very distracting. It appeared that the keyboard flickered at the same time, although it wasn't as noticeable because my hand was over it to work the down button.

    It feels a lot like when you have a power surge and the lights go brighter, then dimmer, then normal again.

    I called Palm tech support and of course they want me to do a hard reset. I'm not syncing to a desktop yet, and I need to download new backup software for my SD backup because CardBackup doesn't work and hasn't been updated since I bought my Treo 600.

    Is anyone else seeing the screen AND keyboard flicker, or do I have a bum device?

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    I had three 680s and saw this on all three of them.
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    Mine does this all the time, i just assumed it was part of the new cruelty.
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    I've noticed this on my Treo 680 also, especially when reading an ebook. It's like there's a short inside somewhere because the light really flickers when I touch the 5-way navigator button. The button has a slight rattling looseness to it and when the button is touched, creating the loose rattle, the light flickers more. I hope that made sense! I've wondered if anyone else had experienced the light flickering.
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    I think this happens across the board on all Treo 680s. Especially, if you set the brightness to ~25% and surf the web.
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    i sometimes notice the keyboard flicker when i hold the headset next to my ear while chatting.
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    Hello Bree,

    This is Kevin from Palm. Does the white line appear when you are scrolling down? If yes, then that is a normal function. I’m sorry if you find it distracting.

    Also, check out the following link to see what the Palm Support Knowledge Library has to say about screen flicker”

    Flickering or shimmering screen
    Solution ID: 28305,CASE=28305

    Hope this was helpful.

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