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    I upgraded to a Treo 680 from a Treo 650 about 3 months ago and did a clean install except for the contacts and calendar.

    My birthdays I have set up in my contacts no longer alarm when they are supposed to. Any help on this? Is there a global setting that turns the alarms on or off? I have the each birthday set to remind 7 days in advance... but nothing.


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    Mine work fine. I'm not sure how you've got yours setup though. I set them up as a repeating non-timed event. Set the alarm for 7 days previous and it's always worked fine. I think there is now some sort of way to set up a "birthday" in each persons listing, but i've also read that doesn't sync well (i'm on a Mac) so i've just never fooled with it. Also don't know if setting it up in the listing will put it on the calendar and that's where i need to see it. May be a backwards and outdated way to do it but it's never failed me!
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