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    These are probably easy fixes for you 650 veterans. I just got mine a few days ago. I really love it so far!

    Here are my issues - maybe I need a third party program to fix them.

    1. The keyboard no longer lights up. The first day or two that I had it, the keyboard was lit up all the time it seemed. Now it is always dark. I would like for it to be lit up whenever I am using the Treo for anything.

    2. How can I disable the keyboard when the phone is ringing? What happens is, my realtor calls and I take the phone out of the leather holster, and when I look at the screen, the call is already activated and the caller is just waiting for me to say hello. I think it is because I am bumping the SPACE key when I remove the phone from the holder. I checked it, and hitting the SPACE key does answer an incoming call. It seems like it only happens when my realtor calls, but I may be imagining that since she has called me a lot in the last few days.

    Any ideas are appreciated.

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    Do you have Keyguard enabled?
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    I do have keyguard enabled - whenever I want to turn on the phone, I have to hit the center 5-way button within a couple of seconds or the display disappears again. But that is not stopping the keys from being activated when the phone is ringing. Or, it could be that I am touching the display screen when I am taking it out of the holder. Not sure.
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