I finally found a cheap BT headset that WORKS With the 680!!

Went by the Verizon Store in the Circut City and they had the Plant. 320 on sale for 31$$. (well somewhat cheap..)

Now I have been a bit vocal on how disappointing the Plant. 655. HUGELY Dissapointing with the 680. I thought I would lick my wounds and give the old BT headset one more time (who am I kidding??).

Charged it up, Paired it up, and it works real solid!! It is a little large than some of the latest version and doesn't come with a pocket charger, but I think it ROCKS!!

Cheap alternative to a big problem.
No one had an answer to my question a few weeks ago (do any of these work??), so I thought I would help out those that have the same problem. These were marked a clearence items there so I don't know what their status in on an individual store basis.