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    I can't believe they wouldn't put the 750 on Verizon instead of the WX. I know the 750 is GSM but still... you would think that form factor of the 750 will be a future CDMA phone.

    Palm just always seems to be a step behind everything.

    And talk about waiting to the last day on our 700p update. My god. I swear they better have something up there sleeve because they are sinking fast in my eyes.
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    It makes sense to me. The 700wx already works and is in active production on a CDMA network, so little modification is needed to put it on Verizon. This lowers their costs and allows them to profit off the product until the next CDMA WM6 comes out. When that comes out, you buy yet another Treo and now Palm has two sales out of you rather than one.

    This is also how it appeared with the 700wx release not too long after the 700p release on Sprint.
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