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    Anyone have any ideas on these error messages? :

    -- Backup
    -- WARNING: Possible database overwrite problem. Backing up database CurrentMap.dat to file C:\Program Files\palmOne\Dougla\Backup\CurrentMap_dat.PDB. The file contained database currentmap.dat data.
    -- Backing up CurrentMap.dat to C:\Program Files\palmOne\Dougla\Backup\CurrentMap_dat.PDB
    -- WARNING: Possible database overwrite problem. Backing up database currentmap.dat to file C:\Program Files\palmOne\Dougla\Backup\currentmap_dat.PDB. The file contained database CurrentMap.dat data.
    -- Backing up currentmap.dat to C:\Program Files\palmOne\Dougla\Backup\currentmap_dat.PDB
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    It's TomTom - something in TomTom (I believe the problem was in 4 but may have existed in 5) creates databases in a case sensitive manner but hotsync is trying to back them up to a windows drive which is case preserving but not case insensitive - IE your palm can create the database CurrentMap and currentmap, but the Palm backup conduit will try to make these the same file on disk.

    You can ignore this message - it's not important, just annoying

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