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    Okay, i feel like an *****, but how can i save pictures from a website to my treo? I've tried everything i can think of in blazer and opera mini, and i've tried emailing them to myself and trying to save them from versamail, but i can't do that either. is there ANY way i can save a picture to my treo without a sync cable and palm desktop software handy?
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    Well, from Blazer you can press and hold the stylus on the image and get some choices on the 700p, but I'm not sure about the 650. You can save an image and then when the process is repeated a dialog pops up asking if one wants to overwrite the image saved. Haven't had the energy to get beyond that.
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    It's the same on the and hold the pic with your finger or the stylus, it will ask you if you want to save it to the device or card.

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