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    Hi everyone.Total newbie here. Been a member in PPC forums and user for years. Must admit never liked the treo product (specifically 600/650) becos of the memory issue (rather its lack of) but have always liked the form factor.However the Treo 750 was a bit of a failure to me as the screen res left much to be desired especially as I watch a lot of lecture video's and movies etc. Still needing the form factor I have finally done a U-turn and re-examined the Treo 680. Despite the lack of wifi I feel with the 320 X 320 screen,it has the best poss solution and worth the switch.
    Trouble is; I would like to backup and port over my SMS text messages, contacts and call history (all extreamely important)
    Question is how can I do this? I currently use the Sprite backup WM5 version which has no Palm app.version. Jeyo doesnt seem to get all the call history log on the device and I dont think its even cross platform compatible
    What I actually need is something I can put on my miniSD card,run it and back up my data and then put it in my hopefully soon to come Treo 680 and restore all my texts,contacts and call history. everything else I can install the palm version from scratch.
    Anyone Help please!!!
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    You can sync your contacts to Outlook and when you install the Treo's CD software, choose sync with Outlook and you can get your Contacts into the Treo.
    As for SMS and Call history I don't think there's any solution.
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