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    I ran the TREO update a while back (I'm not sure that is a cause) and the speakers don't work. I replaced the speakers. Still no ringer or handset sound.

    I do use the earbud a lot and I have checked the headset jack, but to no apparent avail.

    Is it possible that the OS is corrupted? When I go the SOUND PREFS, I cannot play the sounds that I select for the various apps, including the PHONE.
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    You'll have to replace the speakers. It is not hard to do and is very satisfying to complete and have a virtually new unit. Plenty of posts here to help. I get my parts from http://performancepda.zoovy.***
    Fill in the stars, I know you know how. If the site as listed above is not permitted would a moderator please delete. Just trying to help.

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