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    I recently got a new computer & have been tediously copying all of my files from the old computer to the new one.

    This past weekend I was trying to finish moving all of my Palm applications so I could hotsync my Sprint Treo 650 to the new computer, but I'm having a problem with a few of my databases.

    First I hotsync'ed to the old computer so I'd have everything backed up, then I reset my Treo so I could install the programs on a fresh clean phone, & I figured I could just copy the database files from the old computer to the proper directories on the new computer & hotsync.

    It's not working as well as I'd hoped; I can't seem to get my contacts (standard Palm Contacts program) to show up, or my appts in Pimlico DateBk5. I copied over the files I thought were the ones that contain all the contacts & appts, but they just aren't appearing on my phone after a hotsync. I think I even tried copying all the files from my old computer to the new one (in the correct folders of the PalmOne directory) but I just can't get my data back. Anyone have any bright ideas? I don't know what I'm missing, but obviously I'm missing something.....

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Forgive me if you know all this but these are the basics.

    Did you use the same user name (HotSync name) on your new computer? If you did, did you put the copy in the same place? If you did not, then you'll have copy the individual files to the appropriate new folders and then HotSync with Desktop overwrites Handheld.

    Whatever you do, keep a copy of the old/original Palm folder until you get everything to your liking. Always use a copy, never that original. And then keep that original around for a few weeks just in case.

    If you go into the Palm\username folder there are specific folders for address (contacts), datebook (calendar), memopad (memos), and Todo (tasks). Those are the main databases. You should be able to copy the .dat files to your new palm\username folder to the appropriate folders and then HotSync.

    Let me know if either of these situations fits and we'll go from there.

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    How about this. Hotsync to your old computer. Install Palm Desktop to your new computer. Hotysnc your Treo and accept the old username. Install DateBk5 and hotsync. (Don't really know about DateBk5. Maybe you do need to copy a database file for that)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    How about this. Hotsync to your old computer. Install Palm Desktop to your new computer. Hotysnc your Treo and accept the old username. Install DateBk5 and hotsync. (Don't really know about DateBk5. Maybe you do need to copy a database file for that)
    I've actually considered doing that, but I'm really afraid to. Palm desktop is installed on the new computer, I've hotsync'ed several times. I've copied all of the database files from the old computer to the new one, so I just don't know what I'm missing. I do know that I've done this in the past & not had this much trouble.....

    One thing I've run into before is that since the data's on the computer but not the Treo, if I don't change the hotsync to "Desktop overwrites handheld" I'll lose all of my custom categories, but at this point I'd take even that just to get the data on my Treo again.

    The biggest reason I did the reset to clear out my Treo was that for Christmas my husband bought me Garmin Mobile 10, & I've been having some issues with it, & apparently part of the problem was that BackupMan doesn't play nice with Garmin. I had it in my head that if I wiped out both my Treo & the sd card, I'd get rid of all traces of BackupMan & increase my chances of Garmin working better. It does seem to be working better now, but if I'd have known I would have this problem I'd have left things alone!
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    The PIM files (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memos) are not stored in the Backup directory (under your Hotsync name). They are in

    Your hotsync name\datebook
    Your hotsync name\address
    Your hotsync name\todo
    Your hotsync name\memopad

    and have a .dat extension.

    Try copying these over to the new PC's suitable directories. See if Palm Desktop can see these before trying to hotsync them to the Treo. If it cannot, try exporting the PIM data on the old PC (in Palm Desktop) and then importing these into the Palm Desktop on the new PC before Hotsyncing.

    The other programs etc can be moved over bu copying them to the Backup directory on the new PC. I'm assuming that you are keeping the same Hotsync ID on both PC's Palm Desktop.

    Let us know if that works. The other method to fall back on (for non-PIM data) would be to copy them to the SD card using a card reader, and then to the RAM using FileZ or Resco Explorer. But this is really kludgy and best avoided.
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    I think I just found the problem. Earlier tonight I did this testing on the old computer:
    1) First, I made sure my original data is still all there, that I hadn't accidentally screwed that up. It's all still there on the old computer, I can go into Palm desktop & see my appts as well as my contacts on the old computer.
    2) Then - on the old computer, I added a bogus appt. & made a slight modification to a contact, saved & exited Palm desktop
    3) Then I searched - again on the old computer - to see what files were modified today so I could make absolutely sure I had copied all of the right files to the new computer. I found files that had been changed in the "address" directory, the "datebook" directory and the "todo" directory.
    4) I wrote down all of the filenames that had been changed & double-checked those folders & files on the new computer. I have all of the correct directories & the files that were modified in the above test are all in the folders on the new computer. None of the file sizes that should have data are incorrect, so my data must be there.

    It finally just occurred to me to do the same thing on the new computer, & I discovered something that surprised me (even though I'm apparently the person who did this, can't blame my husband I guess): I have two separate file structures on the new computer, so copying the files to the folders I'd been looking at was completely useless.

    At one point in time I had decided to put stuff I want to routinely back up under the My Documents file structure, & when I searched for a file that had just now been modified on the new computer I found copies of all of my Palm folders. Boy do I feel dumb now! I'm pretty confident that once I copy all of my original data files into the CORRECT folders & delete the extra set, I'll be seeing my data on my Treo at the next hotsync.

    Sheesh, some people's kids....... (sorry mom)
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    Glad you found the problem. It's easy to do. Especially when you don't change computers all the time.

    When I changed my computer (about 2 months ago), I "knew" the location I wanted my Palm folders to be because I knew what the location was on my old computer. So I gave Palm Desktop the name D:\Palm\bob. Imagine my surprise when I got D:\Palm\bob\bob. And I couldn't simply delete and begin again because the Palm Desktop assumed I had already handled that user. I ended up uninstalling the desktop and re-installing. This time I just gave it a location of D:\Palm and I got what I wanted.

    Wonder if I'll remember next time :-)

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