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    I have a weird problem within my SMS app.

    When ever I get a hyperlink via SMS (i.e. a Picture Mail), selecting the hyperlink does nothing. Simply highlights text. On my buddies Sprint 650, clicking on hyperlink (from within SMS app) launches Blazer, which is what I'm guessing is supposed to happen on my Sprint 700P.

    I checked my preferences, default app, etc . Nothing .

    Any ideas what may be causing this?

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    Don't you have to have the Pic Mail package for that?
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    Don't you have to have the Pic Mail package for that?
    Not sure.

    But issue happens with ANY hyperlink received via SMS.
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    You have UnCache installed, don't you?

    I had this same problem. There's a bug when you have UC installed that disables the hyperlinks. Go into your prefs & check your default apps. If you can't select web as the default browser, then that's your problem. Either copy & paste the links into your browser or delete UC.

    if you DONT have UC, then I dunno what it is, sorry.
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    You have UnCache installed, don't you?
    No I don't have that installed. The only "cache" tool I've ever tried on my 700P is "Reset Doctor" (Hobbyist software).

    But thanks for the info.
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    Same problem here hyperlinks will not work for picture mail

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