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    What is the best way to locate and delete old files from apps that are no longer installed on the Treo 650? Like files and dbs from deleted shareware apps, and apps that were no longer needed. It doesn't appear that the palm 'delete' app function gets rid of all those stray files in main memory or on an SD card. My main concern is main memory and the ability to reclaim that lost to these unneeded files.

    I know there are 'uninstall' programs that monitor installations and are able to clean out all files when the app is deleted using that tool, but in my case, I'm looking to delete files from previously deleted apps.

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    Might want to try something like Filez to sift through unfamiliar file names. Sort the listing by CreatorID. Then plug the ID into Google.
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    Cleanup may be what you are looking for. . . . .

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