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    A few sources (Handango, TrackerDog) show the current version of GoogleMaps to be 1.1.2. The download available from the Google Maps mobile site is still 1.1.1. Does anyone know if 1.1.2 exists? If so, where is it available and what updates were added?
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    I noticed the same thing (w/ TrackerDog) but haven't been able to find 1.1.2. Maybe it will be out in a few days.
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    Is TrackerDog still a viable app? Does it work on a Sprint 650?
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    TrackerDog seems pretty reliable for all the apps I have installed. Only a few do not update for me. I only use it as a notification mechanism, I don't auto download or anything. Using the same version on my 700p as I was on my 650.
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    Thanks, I used it on my 600 and just never loaded it on my 650. Think I will try again.
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    Has anyone heard anything further about the alleged update?

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