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    Where can I download themes for Facer 3.0? I recently switched to version 3.0 but I can't find themes for it anywhere..

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    I can't think of any themes for Facer 3. Facer 3 is really buggy so theme makers went back to Facer 2. However, the Facer community died in the time it took Facer 3 to come out. Now that PocketCraft is no longer developing Facer I doubt you will ever find Facer 3 themes. was where the Facer community hung out. As of 8:20am CST PDAThemes is down for maintenance. I hate to be the one to give bad news. I loved Facer and I still think it was the best launcher ever. I wish someone else could develop it.

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    Real shame, I had wondered what had happed to them. I used to be a Beta tester for them when they were starting out. Just wondering are there any Facer users out there?
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    Just checked, and the main page to PocketCraft is back up, but is still down. Anyone out there have any Facer 3.0 themes or have any .jpeg images that work for facer, I haven't had much luck in that part of the app.

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