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    Hi--Okay--I am really new at this. I meant upgrading the rom. How does upgrading the rom affect the treo 650--anotherwords, what are the advantages. There are two different 650's on ebay and one has a 64mg. The other has the updated rom so a 4g with go in the slot. Which one would be better for me? I am a realtor and will be using this a lot (hopefully). Also, any advice on which you prefer--the 650, 680, or the 700p. I have had a 8125 windows operated smart phone and have had nothing but problems with it.
    Thanks so much for anyone who would be so kind as to give me some advice. It is very difficult to sort all of this out when I have had very little experience.
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    When you say 64mg, are you saying that it comes with a 64MB SD card?

    Also, the one with the updated ROM just means that you can use a 4GB SD card. If you don't need a 4GB SD card, then having that updated ROM poses no major advantage. I don't know what kind of software you use as a realtor, but I highly doubt you'd need 4GB of space.

    Personally, I would just go for the one that is cheaper, unless there's a major difference between them. Upgrading the ROM isn't too difficult anyways, you could probably do it yourself once you read up on it.

    Perhaps you could post links to the auctions so we could give recomendations?

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