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    is it possible to update the rom on the Verizon model ?
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    Try reading some of these threads...

    I'm on Cingular, but I know you can do custom ROMs on Verizon. I just don't know what ROM you have to start with to do it.
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    Absolutely possible. Check this Thread. Get the ROM Tool, download your original ROM from your VZW Treo, remove what you don't want and then upload the custom. Use the 1.05 to update your ROM before you start. On my VZW, I removed the tips, welcome, wireless sync, and spanish from my ROM.
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    I also had a successful custom ROM update on my VZW Treo650 ... i didn't remove anything first time round, but did change things so that i now have an 8GB SDHC card. When I have some time, i'll go back in and delete some things (similar to what firedog mentioned above).

    T3 > Treo650-VZW Custom ROM Transcend 8GB SDHC >> 755p-Sprint/SERO Transcend 4GB SDHC
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    Quote Originally Posted by RiftReaper View Post
    is it possible to update the rom on the Verizon model ?
    I've done it on all my VZW refurbs. yeah sad. 5 now new one just today - I'll be doing the ROM now. I have done the 1.05a and previous versions.

    I do not add or change my partition although i would like it.

    I dump it all including all language files. Cache seems to still keep me stable.

    I'd like to dump kblights in first after the fat32

    Verizon is a go
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    Ok I'm bumping this thread because something isn't right.

    I've done all this before so why can't I get past the boot loader?

    When I have the 650 plugged into the USB port directly to my rig I can hotsync. so I think I'm missing something.

    I ran the RomTool.exe. Plugged everything in and no device recognition?!?

    hence no bootloader drivers. or is here my error?

    I'm bumping this up because I'm on a new REFURB again ( mic died) and I want to get my ROm onto it or rebuild one even better than my first.

    but I bet I'm being dumb about something. I'm not new and I can read I've been around here with success in this area. This is why I'm stumped and asking.

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    just check your cable. clean the connection. make sure you have a clean, solid connection. if no go, try another cable.
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    UPDATE 10/09/07 All is good!
    Uninstalled other junk from laptop
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    Bump - Read abover I'm downloading my ROM now for customization now to handle the partition move


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