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    hi, i searched for this, but couldn't find anything, so point me in the right direction if this has alread been addressed.

    i had a cingular 650 and had to switch to verizon because of reception issues.

    the 700p is fine EXCEPT it seems to begin to ring and then stop, for no reason. i turned off all sound and it still happened. at first i thot it was a misplaced alarm or something, but it seems completely random. is this a faulty phone or something else?

    thanks for any advice ...
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    I am Sprint, not Verizon but I have an idea...

    If you go into phone/sounds/options/sound preferences/ and then under the drop down titled: Applications, look at each of the apps that is asigned a ringtone or sound and remove all sounds associated with those apps.

    If you insalled a 3rd party app for ringtones, look within the app to make sure it isn't responsible for other apps' ringtones.

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