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    Has anyone done a comparison between these two systems?
    Please forgive me if this has been discussed.
    I did a quick search and didn't find.
    If there is a prior thread could you help direct me to it.
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    Here's a thread and a post for you:

    but the bottom line is that there does not appear to be a head to head comparison. Both TT6 and GM10 are quite new offerings, so reviews of even one system by itself are fairly scarce. Both promise to do similar things, but which is more effective?

    While the older Que software for Palm from Garmin was bomb proof, the newer Mobile XT that comes as part of the Mobile 10 package seems very crash-prone. On a memory-constrained device like the 650, it just wasn't quite ready for prime time; but even some 700p owners with lots more memory are reporting issues.

    I've never owned a TomTom system so I can't make a direct comparison.
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    I bought the Garmin Mobile 10 XT just before Christmas when it came out and had to send it back it was so incredibly unstable on my Verizon 700P.

    Here's a post I made after exchanging it for the TomTom 6 with


    Well-I thought I'd just give you guys an update since I returned my Garmin Mobile XT to TigerGPS and decided that instead of paying a restocking fee that I'd simply exchange it for the TomTom 6 Navigator bundle for about $80 more. They don't charge the restocking fee if you exchange for something of equal or greater value. TigerGPS was customer friendly and prompt throughout this whole process-charging me no shipping and offering to pay for my shipping cost for the return. They simply added the additional cost of the TomTom to my credit card and shipped this to me quickly. I couldn't have been more pleased with the whole process.

    So--I see that Garmin is working on our issues and I've been lurking around this thread hoping that it would quickly be a happy ending. But--still having some reset issues unfortunately I see.

    Since I've owned both systems now-although not for very long-I will give a quick comparison of my first impressions of the TomTom 6 Navigator vs. the Garmin 10 Mobile XT.

    The TomTom is clearly much more stable on my Verizon Treo 700p. Some things I like better about it-but-if the Garmin had been reliable-I would have preferred to keep it. For one thing it was $80 less expensive. It seemed a bit slicker in it's display (smoother drawn lines and curves and I preferred the color schemes) as well as better voice commands in my opinion. The maps seemed better too as most people have stated. I fly out of the Statesville, NC airport for a living and the TomTom doesn't seem to even know that an airport is there (unless I'm missing something being a TomTom newbie).
    But--time will tell how well the maps are done and how accurate they are-they haven't led me astray yet.

    But-and it's a big 'but'- the TomTom seems more capable of customizing the display and things. The customizable display settings on the TomTom have many more options if I remember correctly compared to the Garmin. More info is displayed.

    The TomTom also doesn't seem nearly as intrusive into the Treo's workings. I believe most if not all of the program is living on my SD Card with all the maps. The Garmin seemed to dig it's roots into the Palm as well as using the SD card. When uninstalling the Garmin software you find that you have to sort of keep digging out the roots to get rid of it all.

    I like the zoom slider on the TomTom when you browse the maps. Having to tap the Garmin's plus or minus signs as you zoomed in or out was kind of a pain. The menu system seems more user friendly on the TomTom too as you have to back out of the Garmin one page at a time which was annoying.

    The TomTom came packaged very nicely and had an AC charger as well as a 12 volt charger with all sorts of connectors that work both with the TomTom satellite receiver and also my Treo. Overall, I'm pleased with the TomTom but not "wowed" by it like I sort of was with the Garmin at first.

    The TomTom's satellite receiver is similar in size and weight to the Garmin's but with about half the battery life (according to the specs). You cannot easily open the TomTom to remove the battery like you can the Garmin's either. Has itty bitty torx like screws or hex screws in it's four corners--which makes me think I'm not supposed to open the thing-and I won't.
    Of course- I know with the Navigator 6 software you don't necessarily have to purchase TomTom's satellite receiver like you must for the Garmin software. Another plus for the TomTom.

    Overall--I'm pleased with it--it works reliably from what I've seen. Haven't received any phone calls or emails yet while using it though. Seems to not interfere with my Treo Bluetooth headset connection (sometimes the Garmin messed it up).
    Kinda miss my Garmin--cause it really was just fat slicker for some reason.

    No resets so far in 3 days of moderate use on the TomTom. One time for some reason the satellite receiver seemed to simply turn off and I lost my map until I turned it back on and shut off the Navigator program on the phone and then restarted it. It found where I was quickly and resumed the routing I'd been on. Don't yet know what happened there-maybe the funkiness of the Treo's bluetooth simply dropped the receiver and it shut off because of it--who knows. I'll be researching this problem and see what it's all about.

    Sorry if this post seems kinda helter skelter and choppy and like it's jumping around--but--you get the idea.

    I really hope Garmin takes the time and effort to fix the issues that we have been having and doesn't pass it off on our "conflicting software". That may or may not be true--but--I'm skeptical if it's on our end.


    And since that time I've been very pleased with my TomTom6 GPS. Even had a trip to San Juan, PRPRPR $a$ $couple$ $of$ $weeks$ $ago$ $and$ $it$ $was$ $incredibly$ $useful$ $and$ $accurate$ $and$ $if$ $you$'$ve$ $ever$ $driven$ $in$ $San$ $Juan$ $at$ $night$ $and$ $been$ $unfamiliar$ $you$ $will$ $understand$. $I$ $was$ $really$ $surprised$ $it$ $came$ $with$ $the$ $Puerto$ $Rico$ $maps$ $included$ $in$ $the$ $US$ $and$ $Canada$ $version$. $I$'$ve$ $used$ $it$ $in$ $many$ $places$ $as$ $I$ $travel$ $frequently$ $and$ $have$ $learned$ $to$ $trust$ $it$ $to$ $be$ $accurate$. $When$ $I$'$ve$ $doubted$ $it$ $I$'$ve$ $regretted$ $it$!

    When receiving phone calls or emails I've had no instability but you will have to restart the Navigator 6 software after the call and it takes a few minutes for the satellite receiver to reconnect with the phone but it will pick up navigating where it left off without any problems. Email is no problem either.
    You can not turn off the display while using it--which--can make the phone get pretty warm after an hour or so--which I'm not really happy about--but--so far no problems. I guess you could simply go to the phone application and let the screen shut off itself or shut off the Navigator software and come back to the Navigator software when you need it. But--the delay in reconnecting to the GPS receiver can be annoying.

    POI's may leave a little to be desired sometimes--but--it's very stable and accurate on my Treo.

    The time it takes sometimes to connect the receiver to the phone (1-5 minutes sometimes) can be annoying I guess.

    Overall it's a big thumbs up for me

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    I've figured out how to get the Garmin Mobile 10 to run stable on my 650, but I definately can't recommend it to another user... take that for what its worth...
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    I agree with slats on many of his points. I found Garmin very challenging to use on my old 650, and completely unusable on my 700P. The Garmin software really does dig into the Palm software, as well as requiring a huge amount of space ... TomTom v6 on the other hand is very stable and works very well and seems easy on the system. There’s almost nothing on my Treo, and only a small amount on my HD card.
    There are features of Garmin that I miss in TomTom. I really liked the Garmin display, especially the flat feature. I had a much better sense of what was around me in Garmin. I also really liked the incredibly clear way that turns were shown in Garmin.
    TomTom‘s 3D display is much more linear, showing mostly only the things you need to see. I wish I could see more, and therefore prefer the Garmin in this respect.
    I also find the TomTom maps less up-to-date and less accurate. Surprising, because the Garmin maps are older.
    As a Mac user, Garmin service is non-existent, and that’s ultimately what drove me to TomTom.
    BTW, I’m using the Garmin GPS10 as my receiver for TomTom. Works well, except for the need to restart it everytime I drop out of TomTom. In that, Garmin was much better, because I could do other things while still using Garmin, i.e., phone calls + Garmin on the two-BlueTooth 700P.
    If Garmin ever smartens up their Mac support, I may very well return to it. But for now, it’s TomTom all the way!

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