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    Has anyone ever experienced this? I had my bluetooth on using TomTom in Manhattan. Suddenly a message appears about Bluetooth trying to connect. What's that all about? I'm already connected to the GPS receiver via bluetooth. Then I get a message asking me if I want to download a file into my media. Thinking it was some weird virus, that kind of defies all but the most theoretical logic, I nevertheless tried to cancel, but apparently too late. Because about a minute or two later, suddenly there is this commercial playingon my screen--a trailer for the new Dirty Jobs episodes on the Discovery Channel.But where did it come from? I would think maybe a passing car--but I don't think anybody would invest in that to promote a TV show. I suspect it is somebody pushing out high power bluetooth signals somewhere, maybe several places, in Manhattan to promote this channel. If that's true, it must violate all sorts of FCC regs--there is a power limit at Bluetooth frequencies, isn't there? Anyway, it is all rather bafling. Am I going to have to watch my bluetooth from now on to prevent reception of future unwanted signals? It was on discoverable, that's true, but because I had just beamed a file to someone.

    Am I the only one that has had this happen? Or am I really naive and does this happen all the time?
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    Sorry--couldn't correct that on the edit option.
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    Is this a high tech version of the old sandwhich baord that someone would wear up and down the sidewalk? Someone just walks around with bluetooth broadcasting?

    Leaving your device on undiscoverable or trusted devices only would probably be best.
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    I have heard of this in news reports. It hasn't happened to me yet.

    How weird. Yes, turning off discoverable should help.
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    It is called Bluecasting, started in Europe and now in the US.
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    yeah... bluetooth hijacking has been around for a number of years. BT is very insecure. There are a number of programs out there to hijack BT devices remotely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MoveOver View Post
    It is called Bluecasting, started in Europe and now in the US.
    Interesting! and nefarious
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    I am very curious what program the commercial was playing in?! I've seen bluesnarfing (sending a contact to someone), even blue spam (sending a small file), but I thought anything over about 50 bytes required you to accept the transfer, and didn't know there could be any mime-types or such, but perhaps they sent an avi and TCPMP or something opened it?
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    Unfortunately I erased it before I hot syncd so I have no record, except my memory of it size which was about 167Kb. It was a professional trailer and looked and played like a normal movie. Very commercial.
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    Here's a few apps...
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    BlueSpam is kinda neat, I admittedly will sometimes fire it up when I'm walking around somewhere public.. :-)

    It doesn't work WELL though.. If it gets stuck connecting to a device (doesn't connect, too far away, etc..) it will get stuck forever sometimes.

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