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    AFter 2 years of hot sync via bluetooth, I cannot any longer. I have never been able to use the usb (as most others). I have upgraded to Vista Premium and since then, keep getting error messages like 8009. Here is what the Palm site says about Vista:
    Third-party desktop applications, including those found on your PalmŪ Software Installation CD (such as carrier-branded Dial-up Networking (DUN) desktop software and other applications), may not be compatible with Windows Vista. Please check back for updates from Palm and/or visit the third-party application website for updates.

    Isn't that helpful? Which ones, etc. Does anyone have any idea how I can hot sync? Some day in my lifetime I expect Palm to have a problem proof hot sync product. It just isn't now.
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    I thought I was the only one with that problem. I can't even hotsync with the USB cable, I get the same error message (8009). How can Palm say that Palm Desktop will install and run a hotsync. It installs, but doesn't run at all. I am at a loss and can't find help anywhere. I am so frustrated that I don't even want my treo anymore.
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    In the mean time, have we considered a device based backup solution?


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