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    sorry newbie here, searched but didnt find a solution.

    During hotsync of my 650 the hotsync application on window XP crashes, then phone says loss communication with PC. My phone used to hotsync ok then it started doing this. Havent hotsync my phone for a few months. Thinking of removing the palm software from my PC and reinstalling it. Sound good? any other suggestions? phone is fine
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    Hello Jeff_DML,

    This is Kevin from Palm. The Palm Support Knowledge Library has a lot of helpful information about the problem you’re experiencing when you hotsync. To get you started, try going here:

    HotSync under Windows XP (part one)
    Solution ID: 28618,CASE=28618

    If that doesn’t help you, the site will direct you to additional information to try and solve your problem.

    Hope this was helpful.

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    Kevin Michaels
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