Hello All,

I've had a nightmare - I hope you can help me out...

1) Treo 650 (Palm OS5) with a recent BackupBuddyVFS Professional 3.3 complete backup to an SD card. These were all stolen from me yesterday.
2) The above SD card was copied completely onto my computer - I have this copy.
3) Now I have a brand new Treo 680 (Palm OS5) - Untouched.
4) The software that I am MOST concerned about retrieving: SplashID, Agendus Pro v9 (ie. all my Contacts, Memos, Databook databases), and my SMS messages.
5) Unfortunately, I do NOT have a copy of BackupBuddy on my computer and no Palm Desktop software either (sounds stupid, I know, and, um, it is stupid) Sad I ONLY have the mirror copy of my SD Card from a few days before it was stolen.

My Treo 650 was stolen along with my memory card. I have a complete copy of my memory card on my laptop hard disk. The Treo 650 is not available for purchase any more in Hong Kong, where I live, so I can not use my memory card copy to restore to a new Treo 650 device. My only option was to buy a new Treo 680 using Palm OS5 instead (not the Windows version).

Can I restore my data to the new Treo 680?

If I can not restore my data to the Treo 680, can I purchase a second-hand Treo 650, copy my SD Card backup (with my data) onto a new SD Card and use that to restore to the second-hand Treo 650, and then Hotsync onto my computer and then hotsync off my computer onto my new Treo 680?

I hope you can help me out.