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    Can you uninstall Zlauncher if you don't like it?

    Which is better Zlauncher or fileZ ?
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    Yes, like any other application, you can uninstall ZLauncher.

    ZLauncher and FileZ have a couple of abilities in common, but they are designed primarily for different purposes. ZLauncher has a file browser in it, but does so much more. I would imagine that many people who use ZLauncher also use FileZ (like me).

    What do you need to do with these applications?
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    Just manage a ton of stuff I have on my SD cards.
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    If you do decide to uninstall ZLauncher, do it via ZLauncherManager.

    Also there are still times that I use FileZ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post

    Also there are still times that I use FileZ.

    Absolutely. If I'm just adding/deleting/moving stuff on my SD card, I prefer FileZ, actually. I use ZLauncher mainly for its look, and Today plug-in.
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    ZLauncher's file manager is much faster and easier to use than Filez, but Filez has its uses.

    I don't see why you'd prefer Filez to move files around, as ZLauncher has two panes to flip between, it's faster to pick a directory to move to, etc.. But each his own.
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    I see your point, and I'm not suggesting FileZ is *better*. In using both, I just find myself drawn to FileZ for those kinds of tasks.
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    yep, ZLauncher's file management is easier to work with overall; however, I have twice been unable to move files with ZLauncher that FileZ moved without any problem. Overall though, I use ZLauncher much more often than FileZ. It would really be nice if ZLauncher could filter in the same manner as FileZ does.


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