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    hey i remember a while back someone told me that you could browse the web with bluetooth, however when i looked up how to do this all i found was how to do it on the 650 and those instructions dont work for the 680

    anyone goteen it to work on the 680? if so how?
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    Yep. Doing this post with my Dell laptop BT DUNning through my Cingular Treo 680. I use an elcheapo dongle from eBAY and it works fine.

    The Treo 680 BT stack is different from the 650 for better or worse. In my experience mostly worse. (Nice upgrade Palm) One thing you'll notice right away is that the main BT screen on the 680 no longer has a checkbox for "BT DUN". Basically Palm claims that it is now always available.

    When I noticed this after receiving my 680, I tepidly treaded into the DUN waters. The setup was, as expected, full of nagging errors and issues. After a couple of hours, rebooting XP, restarting Palm OS, and following leads ... it works. Nothing like the simplicity of the modern computer!

    A couple of things that broke logjams for me were:

    #1 Turning off and back on the 680s phone radio. The PC could not recognize that the Treo had "DUN" service available. Only recognized one other type service but not DUN.

    #2 Connecting to the web with Blazer on the 680. Finally after it all got connected on the BT end, it dialed, attempted to register the computer on the network, and returned an error "734". After having no other options I tried several crazy things, the last of which was going out to the web on the 680 and then trying BT DUN again. Viola! It worked.

    ** BT DUN on the 680 works, but ladies and gents it sure aint ready for prime time using a Windows XP computer. Below are 2 links to hopefully get you to DUN paradise:

    Palm Inc. Instructions ...

    Some Macbook folks moaning and rejoicing over the issue ...

    ... hope you get it going.
    Patrick Horne
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    Nice post.. Except DUN has absolutely nothing to do with browsing on the Treo using Bluetooth.

    The 650 and 680 are exactly the same in both DUN and Reverse DUN, so you didn't follow a step correctly.
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    All I know is that I was stonewalled until she "dialed up" on Blazer. Came back to DUN and Shazaam ... it went right on. Although, I did shut all of it down and try to do it quickly from scratch, so I would know a simple procedure on the road. Can't get it to connect again. What a sad mess.
    Patrick Horne
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    Check this thread.. I believe that what you're looking for. BTW, it works great.

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